Road Repairs and Maintenance Extending the life of your roads
Traffic Control Municipal or Highways
General Labour For everything roadway and downtown upkeep
Concrete Work The form experts for walkways and curbs
Hydro Vac Truck Precision digging for utilities
Winter Maintenance Keeping a clear path all season long
Rail and Infrastructure Maintenance Expertise with e-railsafe accreditations
Tree Services Aerial Tree Trimming. Utility Line Clearance.
Horizontal Auger Boring Microtunneling. Directional Drilling.
Hydroseeding Erosion Control Technique.

AVL Construction Group

We are a maintenance and repair service provider for roads and infrastructures with expertise in: road repairs, concrete, general labour, winter maintenance and rail services.


We are your one source contractor with the right equipment and professionals to rejuvenate streets and highways and make your infrastructures smoother and safer.

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For long-term projects or weekend work, we provide municipalities, government departments or private companies with a qualified workforce to get the job done.

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From parking lots to complete municipal or commercial projects, we can help you with all your roadside concrete curbing, sidewalks and forms needs.

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We provide a complete snow removal program to keep your street, parking lots and sidewalks clear during our most extreme Canadian winter months.

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We have the skills and expertise to handle all of your commercial and residential tree care needs safely and efficiently.

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For any needs like septic tank pumping and cleaning, manhole cleaning, precise digging, slift station cleaning and more.

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Planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. It is often used as an erosion control technique on construction sites.

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Horizontal directional drilling is a trenchless technology for installing pipelines of various sizes and materials below the ground surface.

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There is no compromise when it comes to rail safety. Our qualified and accredited team can repair and refurbish your rail infrastructure back to the highest standards in the industry.

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Services under varying climatic and traffic conditions

AVL Construction Group is a very versatile and knowledgeable company with solid expertise in road maintenance and repair services.

We have built a strong reputation as an innovative solutions provider and extremely responsive industry leading service level.

From small municipalities to large multinational corporations, AVL Construction Group can provide services adapted to just about any needs and requirements.


for all your maintenance & repair projects

With in-depth know-how and equipment for keep your roads and infrastructure safe and preserved.

AVL Construction Group possesses over a decade of diverse experience in concrete, road maintenance and repair. We have a multi-disciplinary business, redefining it with new technologies, reliable equipment along with second to none service. Our team of brilliant professionals contribute day after day to the success of over 500 projects across Atlantic Canada.